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Hunters of Color was founded by Jimmy Flatt in August of 2020 with a mission to share his love of the outdoors with everyone. Jimmy believes that the "Outdoors are for Everyone," and that current hunting statistics do not represent this truth.

Through representation, encouraging diversity in the outdoors, and by building a coalition of like-minded hunters, it is HOC's goal to dramatically shift the statistics regarding race in hunting to reflect the diversity of our country.

By providing awareness and education, we hope to break stigmas and stereotypes concerning hunting.

Through mentorships, we plan to introduce more people to the outdoors, thereby instilling a love for nature and conservation in the next generation of hunters.

HOC is establishing a network of hunters throughout the country to act as mentors for those interested in hunting. Our mentee program is open to POC of all ages. Interested in learning to hunt or mentoring? Click "Get Involved" at the top of the website!

HOC registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in December of 2020. As soon as we hear back from the IRS, we will be able to fund our outreach to other hunting and conservation organizations to begin building our network.

HOC will host auctions to raise money, and seek public donations in order to secure funds to sponsor new hunters' mentorship programs, safety courses, equipment, access to land, and more.

HOC also plans on researching the barriers to access for many Hunters of Color. As historically disenfranchised people, many of these barriers include lack of access to private land, prices of tags/licenses, price of equipment, and living in urban settings.

The Outdoors are for Everyone. Thanks for your support!